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Updated: Jun 28, 2021


  • From our recent employee engagement survey, 70% of disengaged professionals do not have an official mentor or advocate. It's was actually one of the top five reasons that professionals are not experiencing fulfillment in their career.

  • Most senior level experts are looking for ways to give back and establish their legacies by mentoring protegees.

  • 25% of employees who enrolled in a mentoring program had a salary-grade change, compared to only 5% of workers who did not participate.

  • Mentees are promoted five times more often than those not in a mentoring program.

  • Retention rates are higher for both mentees (22% more) and mentors (20% more) than for employees who did not participate in a mentoring program.

Mentoring is an active partnership between committed employees to foster professional growth and career development and this hack will assist in establishing a vibrant mentoring relationship that will increase job and career satisfaction.

Successful mentoring relationships are frequently highlighted as instrumental in an employee's advancement to senior leadership roles. Mentoring relationships also promote job satisfaction and reduce unwanted attrition. - Lakeisha Robichaux

Our community never fails when it comes to providing #professional #development solutions and we've recently partnered with Lakeisha Robichaux, CEO of Chief of Minds, a full service human resources (HR) and business strategy firm. This partnership has enabled us to provides some perspectives on how to establish a health mentoring relationship.

Connect with Lakeisha on LinkedIn.

Keep scrolling to read the #mentoring #hack.

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