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Brandon Hunter

About Brandon Hunter

We ended our road trip just about 50 miles northwest of Houston, TX, the birthplace of At our final stop we met Brandon Hunter, a senior at Prairie View A&M University majoring in mechanical engineering. Brandon is originally from Atlanta, GA and says that when it was time to apply for college, he applied to only one university, the illustrious Prairie View A&M University, and as a graduating senior he does not regret that decision.

We asked Brandon what attending an HBCU means to him personally. His reply was, “attending an HBCU means I can celebrate and continue the legacy of previous engineers and scholars that came before me. An HBCU allowed me to connect more to my history and culture, which helped me discover my self-identity. The supportive environment of my HBCU also means I can share my college experience with like-minded individuals with similar goals to increase black excellence.