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Catera Guillory

About Catera Guillory

Before leaving Xavier, we had the chance to meet yet another amazing student in the College of Pharmacy, Catera Guillory. Catera is a third-year pharmacy student who lives by the mantra, “work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” This accomplished young lady is making noise on her campus.

We asked Catera about her inspiration for pursuing an education in STEM. “Becoming a pharmacist has been a dream of mine for about 8 years now. Knowing that I’ll be able to serve my community with hopes of educating them on their health is dear to my heart, especially to ones in underserved areas. My goal is to help one person at a time and make sure that they know they are not alone in any illness/disease they may be suffering with. They will have a pharmacist that will cater to their needs at all times,“ said Catera. She also shared with us that her love for helping people coupled with her love for chemistry is one of the primary reasons she wants to be a pharmacist. “In the next 2 years, I’ll be graduating from pharmacy school and well on my way to serve my community the way that I have been dreaming of. I aim to open educational rallies and events to inform people how to better take care of their health because we only get one life, so we have to make it count.

In addition to her love for people and STEM, we also wanted to know what attending an HBCU means to Catera. Her response was, “Attending an HBCU means family to me. Knowing that I’ll have countless resources, love and support from faculty and staff means the world to me. I always have someone on my side rooting for me and supporting my needs when I fall short. The connections gained from this type of bond are endless. Receiving help to step foot in new doors with different internships, conferences, and jobs is always a wonderful experience from people who want to see you succeed. My HBCU is always there for me just as my immediate family is, and for that I’m grateful.”

We are grateful to have someone with Catera’s passion and determination joining the pool of STEM professionals soon. We cannot wait to make some noise with her for all her successes!

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