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Chance McGee

About Chance McGee

On our first stop in the nation’s capital, we met Chance McGee, a sophomore at Howard University majoring in biology (pre-dental). Chance is a native of New Orleans, LA who graduated magna cum laude from Jesuit High School of New Orleans. During his senior year, Chance received offers from several notable universities including Louisiana State University (LSU) before making his final decision to attend Howard. When asked why he ultimately chose to attend an HBCU, Chance responded, "Personally, I feel as though attending an HBCU is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, an HBCU is a place where young black individuals can be in a place without feeling marginalized, discriminated against, or negatively profiled based on the color of their skin. An HBCU is a place where you meet so many great people who look like you and have similar goals and aspirations for themselves.

Howard University is considered a leader in STEM fields as the top ranked producer of African-American undergraduates who later earn science and engineering doctoral degrees (Howard University, 2021). However, we wanted to know what inspired Chance to pursue a STEM education at Howard. "My inspiration for pursuing an education in STEM is my mother. In college, she received a dual degree in mathematics and physics. Therefore, since a young age, I was always surrounded by subjects that have to do with mathematics and science. Also, I have always performed better in mathematics and science over any other subjects."

Chance is pursuing his career goals with passion and lives by the mantra, "you’ll never be happy if you constantly worry about what others think of you.” At we think the future of STEM professionals is bright with Chance as one if it's rising stars! We are excited about his educational journey and his future as a STEM professional.


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