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Favorite Quote:

Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security. - JFK

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

Gratitude and Obligation for the generations that came before me and their unwavering commitment to chipping away at the barriers that surrounded them. I reaped the benefits of their labor and it's my responsibility to carry the torch forward.

Women are Powerful. We are Bricks wrapped in Velvet. Our hearts lead the way, which is why we don't stray. Women's History Month is a testament to achieving the impossible.....over and over again.

About Christine

Christine is a sales, strategy and operations professional with substantial experience managing and growing product lines, new markets and distribution channels. She has been successful in the design, proposal and execution of technical and complex solutions.

In her current role, Christine is the Director of Product and Services for the SEAM Group where she is responsible for the design and delivery of commercial best practices that maximize profitable revenue, salesforce effectiveness, product mix, customer selection and focus, and distributor management. She ensures value-added activities are customer centric and marketed based on growth goals and she continuously assess commercial capabilities against global best practices to find areas where significant improvements are possible.

In her previous role as the Vice President of Sales for VIE Technologies brings together smart sensors, licensed spectrum, a proprietary protocol, and a joint human / AI real-time platform into a disruptive whole. VIE's technology uses high-precision, high-bandwidth triaxial vibration sensors to capture rich vibration data from industrial assets such as motors, pumps, fans, generators and compressors. VIE technology constantly learns and improves, allowing clients to best manage capital assets and dramatically reduce costly, unplanned downtime.

Christine has a B.A. in English/Psychology from the University of Lynchburg in where she was a NCAA All-Academic and All-Conference Athlete. She was also named MVP of the Women’s Distance Team. Christine also has a MBA from Duke University.

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