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Updated: May 1, 2021

As a black man HBCUs truly prepare you for the realities we face in life.  If you can make it a HBCU you can make it also find who you are as a black person by meeting other intelligent black people from across the country.

There are 2 languages that are universal - - Math & Music, and in this Trending Leader feature we recognize Grammy nominated producer, Corey ‘Mr. Hanky’ Dennard for not only for his DOPE music but also for carrying on the rich tradition of HBCU excellence.   I first met Corey through a common friend on the campus of Southern University and even back then, he was using his musical talent to change people’s lives. I’m extremely proud of everything he has accomplished since those days on “the yard” and we are so blessed as he has so much more in store as he encourages us to keep living our best life.