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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out - Walter Winchell

This quote reminds me a dear friend as we worked side by side to either put down or stack up hundreds of  sanctuary chairs to prepare for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening church service. In those critical moments to prepare the sanctuary for God’s people, Mr. Cornelius Harrison III was always present to help the facilities ministry.  Many times he was one of the first brothers on site and one of the last to leave and because of his service, I will always be indebted to him and his family.  In this Trending Leader feature, we celebrate Mr. Harrison not only for his work in the community but also his talent as an artist, as he is blazing new trails in the Christian music industry.  Cornelius is a singer/rapper/song writer and also an author of soon to be released books “Identifying the True You: Discovering and Encountering Who You Are in God” and “They Are Men of Power: You are Made Strong in Your Weakness”.  His recent projects include, “Oh My Jesus” which is his first Single & Music Video. He graduated from The University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree and is CEO/owner of Harrison Powerhouse Publishing, LLC.  Cornelius currently works at the International Longshoreman Association as a crane operator. He was born in Houston, Texas and currently lives in Pearland, Texas with his wife of 11 years, who is a Hospital Administrator/ Registered Nurse and a 5-time cancer survivor. 

Q: Congratulations  on your recent single “Oh My Jesus”.  What was your concept or inspiration to do this project? Cornelius: My single “Oh My Jesus” came from a place of brokenness.  I didn’t know God as I were looking for love in all the wrong places finding comfort in things that caused destruction. However, each place I searched ended on a dead-end road that only lead to self-destruction. One night while driving in my car God convicted my heart like, “Why are continuing to live in sin”. Immediately uncontrollable tears rolled from my eyes and I told God that I no longer want to live a lifestyle that isn’t pleasing to Him. That experience occurred in September of 2003 and in 2004 I wrote “Oh My Jesus” which derives from that September 2003 experience. Q: We believe that collaboration is essential to the success of any industry or organization. Will you continue as a solo artist or can we see any collaborations in the future?​ Cornelius: Yes, a matter of fact my next project which is a single and music video will be a collaboration with a CHH artist by the name of Minister Matt. I believe a collaboration is critical for the success of any industry or organization because each party is partnering for the success of the overall project. Each person is sharing gifts, talents, iron sharpening iron, and inspiring each other to meet the overall goal. Q: Even though I’m an engineer by discipline I really love music and creativity, it’s actually one of the undertone themes for Please give is a taste of your creative process?​ Cornelius: Most of my music comes from experience. There’s no better teacher than experience and because there’s nothing new under the sun, I’m sure most people has gone through the similar if not the same experiences in life. While writing the lyrics to a song I began visualizing the plots and scenes of the video. My overall purpose is to take the listener whether young or old to a place they either been or a place they want to go and the actual video gives the audience a visual of what the artist is writing about. Q: How has your work in the community and within the Christian faith helped you to create value?​ Cornelius:  I’m always reminded of a place my wife and I were once at. At the time we lived in an apartment, rent was due and we were about to get evicted, went to various food pantries because we didn’t have a meat package in the house. Throughout the temporary hardship, we continued to trust God and someone gave us the money to pay our rent for two months without a payback. God hands was definitely in that and as years passed my wife and I became leaders of an outreach team in which the team feed and clothe 400 people twice a month. When you value everything, God has done in your life, you never forget what God has delivered you from. This type of compassion for others keeps me humble because I’m always reminded of the our struggle. Q: What advice would you give to other artists or professionals looking to take their career to the next level? Cornelius: “Oh My Jesus” was written over 15 years ago in 2004. That song plus other songs that was written was sitting on the shelf collecting dust 15 years after the song was produced. Words of encouragement: Never try to outgrow the process. Work with what you got until you get what you need. Keep sowing that seed and eventually it will sprout and turn into a tree. Meaning, be persistent with whatever you’re pursuing and don’t allow financial limitation to prevent what you’re pursuing. There are many free marketing tools on Google that will provide insight on the direction you need to go. Looking for success overnight is less likely because there’s a few overnight success stories and by doing such will discourage you. When there’s no one motivating and encouraging you, you have to dig deep in your heart to motivate and encourage yourself. Everything you do will not be in vain. Persistency is the key to success. Q: What keeps you up at night?​ Cornelius: Inspiring and encouraging others is what keep me up at night. The moment I make this journey about me is the moment I’ve missed the entire meaning of my purpose.As you can tell through his perspectives, We have recognized many Trending Leaders on our platform but this one is extra special!  It's not often that I get to feature someone that I've actually worked elbow to elbow, sweat to sweat with for one common purpose, To Glorify God.  Yes, we are all blessed in our families, in our careers, and in our faith but there is no better feeling than to be empowered to tell #YourStory! Cornelius, thank you for taking our faith to the next level and for your courage in living like there is no box.  You are a certified! ​Cornelius CH3 Harrison III- "OH My Jesus" Now Available on ALL Music Platforms with Link below  Https:// Social Media Links  Facebook Instagram - Twitter

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