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Updated: Jun 9, 2020


LaKeisha LeBlanc

CHALLENGE As a proponent of differentiated learning, LaKeisha LeBlanc, a former Principal of the Channelview Independent School District had an idea of approaching teacher learning in the same manner. Through careful thought and creative processes, the campus leadership team successfully implemented differentiated professional development on their campus. ​  SOLUTION In previous years, the team spent thousands of dollars bringing trainers into the school, and also sending teachers out of the district for teacher training and development. The sessions were mostly “cookie-cutter”, and the mode of presentation was “sit and get”. Mrs. LeBlanc realized that educators deserve the same careful thought and planning when it comes to their learning. As a result, a comprehensive plan was created to differentiate professional development. The leadership team identified several focus areas from their campus improvement plan and reviewed interest surveys that matched their teacher’s knowledge and strengths. RESULT Professional development was successfully differentiated, and it resulted in approximately $3,000 a day in savings . Six scheduled professional development days a year, at $3,000 a day, equals $18,000 value creation! A byproduct of utilizing the talents and skills at the local level is growing future teacher leaders.   Impact:  $18,000

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