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Calvin L. Williams

CEO of Impruver Technologies


World Technology Ingredients (WTI), is a 35-year-old manufacturing company that produces functional wet and dry food ingredients designed to organically extend the shelf life of meat, fish and other consumer food products.

As the they were developing their 5 year goals, The WTI organization identified two opportunities for achieving 3x growth; 1) top line sales growth and 2) higher production capacity. They also understood that their growth potential could not be met unless they removed their production constraints.

With aggressive growth targets and production constraints limiting the company's ability to meet its goals, WTI needed to figure out how to improve the way it improved. Through this process, they identified their continuous improvement program's three core deficiencies:

  1. Lack of skills / expertise.

  2. Lack of engagement / support.

  3. Inadequate tools / information.


The three-dimensional approach called the Impruver Continuous Improvement System, was implemented to address WTI's greatest challenges.

  1. A results-based continuous improvement certification program was used to address the problem of lack of skills / expertise. The program was used to systematically build coaching capability among leaders and problem-solving skills throughout the enterprise.

  2. A leadership standard work process was used to address the problem of lack of support / engagement and the process engaged people at the right levels in structured Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily team-based activities designed to maintain alignment to strategy, drive for results, and sustain progress.

  3. ​The Impruver Industry 4.0 software solution was used to address the problem of insufficient tools / information. These powerful tools enabled strategy deployment, root cause analysis, project management, performance tracking, and best practice sharing to occur across the entire organization.


Since WTI started using the Impruver Continuous Improvement System in May of 2019, they have more than doubled their production output with no capital investment. During this time, they have broken several production records, which continues to this day. They have also begun to implement Continuous Improvement enterprise-wide.


Doubled production output with ZERO capital investment.

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