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Laquica Patin-Fisher

Safe Lily Insurance LLC


A client had to process an insurance claim because water backed into her home and she did not know what to do or how to manage this situation. Since this occurred during the weekend, the agents of Safe Lily Insurance had to utilize their technology to meet the client's needs.


Safe Lily Insurance Agency LLC uses several methods of automation which enhances the relationship with their customers and enables them to cultivate a more genuine experience;

  • Their clients receive automatic communications from the corporate office.

  • They have deployed self policy management, i.e., customers can make their own policy changes and create their own certificate of insurance (primarily for clients that run businesses).

  • 2-way text communications.

  • Insurance rates based on your actual driving performance.

  • As a part of their latest technology platform, they are considering chatbots.


The client's claim was filed remotely the same day, the following Monday the adjuster came out to examine the damaged property and by Wednesday, she had her payment in hand for the repairs.


Depending upon the client's history, on average the Safe Lily saves their clients 30% of their annual insurance rate.

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