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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In this age of internet and technology, people are now more confident to try and sell their ideas and hit the road to success. With even the basic skills like knowing how to market products online, people can reach out to the world and showcase their talent.

In this feature, we showcase the fact that age doesn't equal business success, and no one knows that more than young entrepreneur Jai Porter! She doesn't need a driver's license or high school diploma to transform her ideas into thriving businesses. Please take a moment to learn more about her venture and how she is inspiring other young entrepreneurs.

As I trust in the Lord, I know all things are possible. - Jai

Jai is the oldest of four siblings. She attends Mayfair Lab school where she has maintained a 4.0 grade point average and remains on the principle's list. Jai is a member of the Art society, Duke Tip, and Legends Legacy Leaders. Her extracurricular activities include Soccer, playing the Piano and the Viola. She enjoys movies, art and being creative.

One day Jai hopes to inspire other kids to do what they love, believe in themselves and never give up. Her mom Jamila Shaw-Bell always says "Learn to lead others, become a legend in your walk and leave a legacy for others to follow". When people ask her who she is, she says, "I’m Just Jai a ten year old girl, silly, smart and full of life".