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What does it mean to be a Southernite?

To be a Southernite is more than a title. It's an experience, it's a feeling, and it's a commitment...from the moment you cross over "The Hump", stand in line for registration, sit in your first class, cheer and dance to the beat of the Human Jukebox in A.W. Mumford Stadium, and that final moment when you hold your degree, you realize the magnitude of the Southern University legacy. It's also in that defining moment that you realize your commitment to ensuring that the legacy continues. To be a Southernite means we owe our all to thee.

Kia's Bio:

Kia Bickham is a motivated and results-oriented leader. For the last seven months, she has worked tirelessly as the Political Director for the Campaign to Re-Elect Governor John Bel Edwards. When not on the campaign trail, Kia serves as a community outreach and project manager for APTIM Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc.