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" Perseverance will take you further than your intelligence."

About Kiley & Ty'Lisha Summers

Shortly after college graduation, Kiley and Ty'Lisha found themselves in over $100,000 of consumer debt. Growing up, finances wasn’t discussed in their households. No one told them that only making minimum payments on their debt would likely have them in debt for the rest of their lives. The couple decided to hire a financial advisor to help them improve their financial situation. After becoming debt free, they began sharing their story with family and friends, realizing there were so many people caught in the never-ending debt spiral without a plan to get out and SpenDebt ( was born.

SpenDebt is a financial technology company helping people pay off debt one micropayment at a time! As consumers spend money, a pre-defined amount is automatically added to every transaction and then applied to the user’s debt account monthly.

SpenDebt is on track to help one million people pay off student loans, auto loans, credit cards and more!

Meet Ty'Lisha Summers

Ty'Lisha Summers is a woman of faith, wife and mother of two beautiful girls. She is also a Chemical Engineer, entrepreneur and strong advocate for youth and minorities.

With more than 13 years in the oil and gas industry, her experience includes manufacturing, technical sales and global supply chain. Her and her husband are the co-founders of SpenDebt, a SaaS payment solution helping companies collect account receivables from their customers every time they swipe their debit card or have a banking transaction. SpenDebt has helped consumers pay off credit cards, student loans, auto loans and medical debt.

Tylisha’s care and love for others and her community are demonstrated through her volunteerism with organizations that focus on STEM, mentorship and teaching youth. Such organizations include Junior Achievement, Black Girl Ventures and Black Girls Code. She has served as the Director of G.Y.R.L.S. (Giving Young Renewed Ladies Strength) and currently serves as a board member of HenRose Cares, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing college related expenses for students from underserved communities.

Meet Kiley Summers

Kiley Summers is an entrepreneur and champion for equity and inclusion for black and brown founders. He, himself, is the Founder of SpenDebt, a financial technology company whose mission is to save one million people from financial fatalities every time they swipe their debit card or have a banking transaction.

Kiley and his wife became debt free, paying off over $100K+ of consumer debt. They quickly noticed the growing problem of consumer debt and were encouraged to help others through behavior economics to become financially healthy. SpenDebt’s app launched in 2018 while bootstrapping, they raised over $300K through many pitch competitions and several accelerator investments, and earned Capital One as their payment processor.

To date, SpenDebt has helped consumers pay off credit cards, student loans, auto loans, medical debt and the like, averaging nearly $80 per month per user.


The Summers were nominated by Stephanie Hurtado Lonard, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Technically Minded Talent.

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