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A successful person finds the right place for himself. But a successful leader finds the right place for others. - John C. Maxwell

I have found that the most effective leaders are alike in one crucial way: They all have a high degree of emotional Intelligence. It's not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant. They do matter, but mainly as "threshold capabilities"; they are the entry level requirements for leadership positions.

In this #hack produced by Erica Walton-Douglas, she provides 8 essential tips on effective leadership. All of her perspectives align to the aforementioned philosophy that emotional intelligence is the key to understanding people, developing talent, and reaching a successful destination.

Hack Author: Erica Walton-Douglas

Erica is Vice President of Strategic Operations for McKesson, providing leadership to distribution operations in Olive Branch, MS and Aurora, CO. Prior to McKesson, Erica was Director of Distribution Operations for Trane Technologies, leading global distribution of residential and commercial HVAC parts and supplies.

Throughout her career, she has worked for government agencies including the United States Department of Army and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the Washington DC metro area. She also spent over 10 years with Johnson & Johnson in global recruiting and logistics and former sterile compounding industry leader PharMEDium Services.


Keep scrolling to read the #technical #storytelling #hack.

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