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The best job or title I can ever have is mom.

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

It is a time for us to remember and honor all of those women who have paved the way and who have fought for our rights. From our mothers and grandmothers, we are the legacy of their truths and we are encouraged to keep the memory of our ancestors alive by never giving up until we are all truly equal. It is also a time for us to look forward to the possibilities so that the next generation of women can step into their greatness.

About Marie

Marie is a results-driven, innovative visionary with over 13 years of experience in organizational development, learning and development, performance management, talent management, policy development, project management, budget management and change management.

As Division Manager for the City of Houston, Aviation Department, Marie oversees Organizational Development for the Human Capital Management Division. In her role, she develops crosscutting, competency-based programs for professional, supervisory and leadership development though the use of instructional design systems and principles to meet the development needs of the workforce. She is responsible for maximizing HAS performance by training and continuously improving the competencies of approximately 1,200 employees within eight divisions.

As a passionate leader, she seeks out opportunities that contribute to the betterment of human capital and her areas of focus include organizational development, performance management and workforce planning. Marie places high value on service quality, organizational viability, continuous improvement and strategic planning. She believes that the world of work is ever changing. Whether it is evolution or revolution, there is always a more efficient way of doing things.

Marie is a wife and mother of two children ages 4 and 2. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is two-time graduate of Southern University and A & M College. Marie holds two Master's degrees - Master of Public Administration and Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

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