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" “You’ll never reach your full potential level of creativity, talent, passion, success, or excellence until you learn to give."

― Dave Ramsey

About Maryann JP Coleman Weldon

As a child, Maryann was known for climbing trees in Sunday dresses. One might say that was a precursor to climbing corporate ladders in STEM as a Christian and Woman, who’s also African American. That same ambition, strength, goal-setting, determination, and persistence thread from yesteryear to today’s futuristic visionary.

Maryann utilized strengths of business savvy, communications, and leadership, to obtain an Organizational Communications Management degree. Her industry-leading media agency internship led to an immediate career in entrepreneurship.

Maryann is the CEO & Certified Scrum Master of Empire Org. LLC, where she has organically built a lean certified, servant leadership focused contractor operation which organizes and orchestrates execution of several process improvement methodologies. Contracting afforded her freedoms financially, remotely, and creatively, that were unmatched by peers. Thoroughly enjoying all the growth, advancement, enlightenment, challenge, and innovation via Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 clients, made Maryann want to share the opportunity with others.

Quite often, for years, she had been the only female, multi-ethnic, and youth in the room. She chose to accept it as more of a compliment and advantage than insult or hinderance. Most importantly, it became an inspiration and motivation.

Maryann acquired multiple certifications and training in Tech Scrum Mastering, Agile Project Management, Business SAFe Scaled Project Management, and Traditional Waterfall Project Management. Project Managers, especially in the Tech industry and Engineering teams, are an area of need and has continually projected growth. Maryann increased her personal demand and created Empire Org, LLC for that very reason. In addition to hands-on problem solving, team building, and client care, Empire Org has advanced to teaching, training, and coaching others, so they can go on to do the same.

There’s plenty of room in the industry for diversity and not just for diversity’s sake. There is a great need for equipping the underrepresented, including but not limited to race, such as military vets and spouses, single parents, and young professionals. Maryann contributes project success soft-skills text books can’t teach.

Empire Org, LLC, is on mission to educate others, even ‘the least of these', on how to serve, and lead, and then place them in equitably paying roles with market-leading companies.

The world needs the wisdom and charm Maryann is passing along to generations of professionals to resolve complex issues, form productive teams, tackle the most ambitious of projects, and share fresh ideas. It’s as simple, and brilliant, as tree-climbing in Sunday’s best.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

To me, this time to acknowledge African American history means Legacy, Celebration, and Responsibility.


Maryann JP Coleman Weldon was nominated by Staff Sergeant George Weldon:

Weldon's reflections: My wife is a military wife and mother of 4. As such she runs all household operations and at times, in my work absence. But what’s more significant, is how she also successfully manages her own tech business, Empire Org., where she uses the same skills to manage Fortune 500 projects. Somehow, she’s now advancing her craft and offerings to train others to manage software development projects. Her goals to increase the career and life skills of apprentices, while helping the community at large by bridging the tech diversity hiring gap and income divide, are constant motivations she shares.

She inspires others, our children, and I never cease to be amazed.

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