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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Monica Trevino | Data Scientist | Analytics & Visualization Consultant | Industrial Engineer
A data-driven organization will always have a competitive edge over those who do not invest in those solutions. - Monica Trevino

Why is data analytics important? Once analyzed, data helps in a multitude of ways. In healthcare, it helps avoid preventable diseases by detecting them in their early stages. It is also immensely useful in the banking sector, where it aids in recognizing illegal activities such as money laundering. In meteorology, it helps study global warming. The "big data" analytics market is set to reach $103 billion by 2023.

An IBM study from 2017, outlined that 90% of all the data in the world had been created in just two years. Many were quite surprised to learn that we’ve generated so much data in such a relatively short timeframe, however, if you consider the incredible growth of the internet, this would make perfect sense. In 2012, we had 2.5 billion internet users. In 2014, this number reached the 3 billion mark, and in 2019 we have 4.1 billion people online.

In this Trending Leader feature, we invite Monica Trevino, a Data Analytics & Visualization Engineering Consultant, to tell us about her journey in STEM, how she helps her clients gain organizational insights through their data, and how she inspires the next generation of Artificial Intelligence professionals.