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Michael J. Bernhard III | Senior Solutions Architect | Nikola Labs, Inc


A Midwest HDPE pipe manufacturer needed an end-to-end condition monitoring system to monitor the health of their machine assets, prevent persisting unplanned downtime and increase productivity.

The manufacturer selected a risk-free trial of Vero and in July 2020, Nikola Labs installed 57 monitoring points on 13 critical assets. Four days after installation, the dedicated Vero Condition Monitoring Engineer (CME) observed harmonics of 126 Hz with 30 Hz sidebands on the drive end of the facility’s primary Extruder Motor. The bearings on this motor had been replaced just five months prior and route-based monitoring had failed to find any issues in April.


After analyzing the data, the Vero CME quickly issued a Prescriptive Asset Alert (PAA), recommending immediate replacement of the motor bearings at the next available opportunity and, until then, ensure bearings are greased without over greasing.


The manufacturer’s maintenance contractor inspected the motor and found multiple issues, including damaged DE bearings with heavy fluting, DE and ODE bearing housings oversized /out of round, and no housings insulated. The 5-month old motor bearings were replaced, all fits restored, and an Aegis grounding brush installed on the DE.

Quick action prevented up to 13 weeks of unplanned downtime and avoided $30k - $60k in extensive repair costs (19X to 38X more than the $1,596 Vero monthly subscription).


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