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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Rob Kalwarowsky P.Eng, CMRP, CRE, CLS – Leader, Reliability Engineer, Host of The Leadership Launchpad Project & Dismantling The High Performance Narrative podcasts - Edmonton, Canada

I'm challenging myself to impact and help more people! The status quo of where the industrial community isn't supporting us in having the best lives we should be living! - Rob Kalwarowsky

Many people suffer from mental illness and suffer in silence because of the stigmas around it. In this Trending Leader feature, we celebrate Rob Kalwarowsky, Maintenance & Reliability Leader and Mental Health Advocate, for his work in challenging the status quo, not only in Reliability Principles, but also workplace cultures.

Many know Rob for his work with Rob's Reliability Project Podcast, a podcast for Maintenance & Reliability professionals looking to better themselves both at work and at home, but his growth mindset has propelled him into a new and refreshing direction of bringing awareness to the psychological safety (being able to show and employ one's self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career).