Brant Smith CHALLENGE Just recently a client called and was having trouble starting up. We dispatched two senior Instrument and Electrical technicians immediately. The client had several problems with pH probes and several level transmitters not reading properly.

SOLUTION The team performed maintenance on the instrumentation and was able to get the system back in order. While there, the client asked the team to look at several other transmitters that were being troublesome. The team found that the technology being used was not adequate for the process. The customer explained hat the process had changed from the time of when the instrumentation was originally installed. We are in the process of developing an instrument reliability program and working with the client to select a cost-effective technology for their process.

RESULT As a result of their hard work, the client achieved $200,000 in production savings and prevented $100,000 in fines due to not being able to report waste.

IMPACT $300,000

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