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Updated: Jun 15, 2020


Joshua Teekel


Many of us enjoy being able to assign a task to an employee or peer and have them run with it. They get to work on the task at hand and don’t give up until it is complete. This is normally the time we realize the work has been done because they are diligent workers and want to complete the task and make you proud. When the project is done you think to yourself, “job well done” and the employee made it look easy.

What we didn’t see: Jacob spent many hours at work and some at home researching the tasks that was given. Jacob may have even missed family time and given up dinner to achieve the task but did it without a hesitation. The task was started, and he made decisions about the job and didn’t need permission or help from a supervisor to do so. All plans and approvals were checked off and after final approval the job started. Jacob communicated with everyone to make sure everyone involved knew the plan and then oversaw the task to make sure everything went through without a snag. Lastly, Jacob mentioned to you that the entire team did an amazing job of making sure everything went well, although deep down he knew he did 95% of the work.

You think, how can I find more people like Jacob, so you start doing some research.

After looking through Jacob's records, you realize that he has been with the company for many years