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Favorite Quote:

What others think about me is none of my business. -- Regina Brett

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

Women's History Month fires me up! It's a time to celebrate those who have come before us and blazed a trail. It's also a time to dig deep and find the courage to keep pushing for the advancement of women. There is more work to do, like closing the gender pay gap.

For me personally, March has become a month where I swallow fear and take a big leap. Two years ago at this time, I launched my blog and this year I enrolled in graduate school. I haven't been to school in 20+ years! These things scare me to death but each time I step out on faith, I realize how powerful our female perspective and experiences are. The world desperately needs us.

We need more women working collectively to support and develop each other. And we need male allies. I have been blessed to have a support system of both.

About Stacey

Stacey's purpose and passion is to teach, coach and encourage others. She does that in her professional role as Dow's Director of Public Af