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What does it mean to be a Southernite?

​There is no set in stone definition or criteria of what/who is a Southernite. Southernites face their fears, overcome challenges, they think of others before themselves, when put in difficult situations they handle it with grace and a level head. A Southernite does what they can to help others and they live out a life beaming with optimism and positivity.

Tanesha's Bio:

Tanesha Craig-Stewart, MPA is a native of Louisiana. She is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. She also has earned her Masters of Public Administration at Southern University A&M College. Throughout her professional career, Stewart has worked diligently in the fields of secondary education and youth development in the Greater Baton Rouge community and surrounding areas as a high school educator. Stewart is also the founder and lead health strategist of XtremeLife Fitness and Louisiana Fit Chicks organizations. She is also a contributing health & fitness correspondent for WAFB Channel 9 News, WBRZ Channel 2, and NBC 33 News in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In January 2019, Stewart released her first book entitled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: 10 Affirmations on Body Image. Stewart’s main goal is to not only help individuals lose weight, but also empower them to become healthier people physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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