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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

It's the bottom of the ninth and your team is down by one run. Your lead-off batter is on second base and he is also the fastest player on the team, so a base hit will most likely tie the game. You step up to the plate facing a pitcher that you have done very well against. Your confidence is high, the crowd is behind you and you have that killer instinct feeling...

The question is, do you swing for the fence to win the game with a home run or do you go for the base hit? The IMPOSSIBLE is staring you right in the what's your move?

This is the same question that many leaders ask themselves. The pressure is on, the team needs your leadership, and the customer or client needs results. Do you develop a "home run" strategy or do you play small ball and go for the incremental improvement? Before you answer, let's not forget about the tortoise & hare fairly tale and who was the victor in that race.

Driving improvements is a marathon not a sprint and we have collaborated with Calvin William, Founder and CEO of Impruver Technologies, Inc. to share his perspectives on what is critical in the journey of Continuous Improvement. Calvin is many things: a father, an active member of his community, an entrepreneur, Industrial Engineer, MBA, but most of all, an impruver. His mission in life is to find you where you are and help you get where you’re trying to go. As a part of this mission, he has also developed a technology and system that guides professionals through a life cycle process of daily improvements. You can read more about his latest innovation, The Impruver Challenge and how you can achieve the milestone of daily improvements within 30 days.