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What does it mean to be a Southernite?

No matter where we are we are one.​

Tiffani's Bio:

Tiffani Turner, MBA is a two-time graduate of Southern University A&M College of Business. After graduation, Tiffani relocated to Dallas, TX to begin her career in recruitment. Tiffani is an active member of the SUAF Dallas Alumni Chapter. For the past three years, she has assisted with organizing the volunteer programming for the chapter. She has also planned and executed several fundraising initiatives for the Dallas chapter. Tiffani has previously served on the Board of DFWMBA as the Student Affairs Chair, VP of SU SHRM, SUMBASA Board Member, Segal Award Recipient and Winstonia Smith Scholarship recipient. Tiffani is passionate about assisting students with landing jobs after college and dedicates a large portion of her time mentoring current Southern University students. As a third-generation graduate of Southern University, Tiffani truly believes she bleeds Blue and Gold.

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