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      CONTRIBUTING RE.ENGINEER Becht | Engineering Solutions, Plant Services, and Software Tool Provider CHALLENGE A North American refinery faced furnace monitoring challenges that limited coker operation. All tube skin thermocouples (TST) were out of service, IR thermography was impacted by heavy scale, and there was limited coker throughput. The objective was to resolve the inability to monitor tube skin temperatures. SOLUTION Becht trained the operations staff to address scale formation through improved combustion management. The team also addressed TST design and installation mistakes, implemented maximum tube metal temperature models, and deployed advanced IR with improved image clarity. RESULTS Becht’s actions reduced scale formation, improved control, and deferred at least two decokes per year. The client avoided decoke rate cuts that allowed for an additional $2MM/yr of throughput. ********** Contact Info: Website: LinkedIn:


      CONTRIBUTING RE.ENGINEER UpKeep | An Innovative and mobile-first CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) CHALLENGE Prior to deploying UpKeep, a manufacturing company did not have a formal system in place for recording asset information and preventative maintenance. The organization relied on sticky notes posted on white boards for technicians to review and apply preventative maintenance tasks to assets. This process limited the organization’s ability to create comprehensive reports on asset health, which led to production downtime occurrences, lost records, and hours of unplanned work. In the past, asset feedback would go from word of mouth to either emails, texts, or sticky notes. Because of that inefficiency at communication, work orders wouldn’t get done and slipped through the cracks. - National reliability manager, Manufacturer SOLUTION Since deploying UpKeep at seven of its facilities across North America, the organization has improved asset record keeping by allowing facility technicians to immediately upload asset information on their mobile devices and then find the information quickly with the application — saving hours in time spent looking for asset information on sticky notes. Improved record keeping is helping technicians to assess which assets need preventative work, reducing the number of downtime occurrences and time spent on unplanned work. RESULTS The client experienced the following risk-adjusted present value (PV) quantified benefits over three years: Technicians were able to reduce time spent on filing work orders and locating asset information by 90%. UpKeep’s integration mobile devices reduced time spent by technicians traversing the facility floor to their workstations to record notes on asset information or file work orders. Likewise, technicians reduced time spent on retrieving asset information by having the information accessible on mobile devices. The organization was able to increase preventative work on its assets by 50% to help avoid production downtime. Historically, the organization struggled with technicians consistently logging asset information for other technicians to review. As the organization logged more assets into UpKeep, it improved monitoring of asset performance and cadence for preventative maintenance. Because of this, the organization reduced production downtime and any resulting lost business. Savings of over 3,000 hours for unplanned reactive maintenance work. With the organization conducting more preventative maintenance work on assets, fewer asset failures occurred. Each of those asset failures required time to ensure that the problem was resolved. With fewer downtime events since adopting UpKeep, technicians avoided more unplanned work sessions and were able to focus on proactive preventative and predictive maintenance. Time spent on collecting asset information for monthly reports took 90 minutes. Before UpKeep, monthly reports on the status of assets took time to collect across seven facilities and totaled hundreds of hours annually. The organization drastically reduced time spent on this task with asset information regularly being logged into UpKeep through better reporting and dashboards. Unquantified benefits. The interviewed organization experienced the following benefits, which are not quantified for this study: Maximization of asset lifetime. With UpKeep helping the organization to stay up to speed and ensure preventative maintenance compliance, many assets experienced reduced wear and tear, and did not experience unexpected early failure. The manufacturer was able to store warranties to prevent excess work for its internal team and track which assets were still under warranty. UpKeep provided technicians with a digital paper trail on assets. The organization now has readily accessible asset history, which helps to educate technicians on the status of their facilities and in planning for future initiatives based on past performance. How long it takes now to file a work request is almost instantaneous. From when it’s filed, colleagues within the plant receive alerts on their mobile devices and we’re able to look at the request and then triage it. - Local reliability manager, Manufacturing Costs. The client experienced the following risk adjusted PV costs: UpKeep training costs. Twelve facility managers spent two days learning how to use UpKeep and best practices for their day-to-day work. The company also paid for training services from UpKeep itself. UpKeep Subscription costs. The organization paid a monthly fee per user for access to UpKeep. The financial analysis identified that the organization experienced benefits of $1,375,379 over three years versus costs of $331,189 of 315%. ********** Website: Customer Page: LinkedIn:


      CONTRIBUTING RE.ENGINEER Becht | Engineering Solutions, Plant Services, and Software Tool Provider CHALLENGE A client was operating an Exxon Model IV FCCU (fluid catalytic cracking unit). The main air blower steam turbine driver shaft experienced significant and continual axial movement in the direction of thrust that was approaching trip levels. The client planned to temporarily replace the air flow from the main air blower to the regenerator using a number of rental compressors (47 proposed). Some compressors were diesel driven, and some were powered by 10 temporary generators. SOLUTION A Becht team performed a cold eyes review of the installation of the temporary compressors, proposed control strategy, and startup/shutdown and transition procedures of the temporary system. The flow in the temporary air tie-in points to the main air line was high. A mechanical evaluation of these points was conducted to ensure there would be no failure in these areas due to high flow-induced vibration. RESULTS Becht’s SMEs provided 24 hours/day virtual support during the operation, including monitoring, suggesting adjustments to the console operators, etc. As a result, the client was able to keep the FCC unit in operation during the transition of the shutdown and restart of the main air blower, as well as for the 40 days it took for the steam turbine driver replacement, with no downtime for the unit, saving upwards of $10MM. ********** Contact Info: Website: LinkedIn:

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      RE ENGINEER IN . ACTION In this section you can find news releases, photos, videos, publications as well as information on our media/calendar events. We are also happy to share our latest promotions, external collaboration and basically all things media. Nov 7, 2020 7 min MONICA TREVINO - VISUALIZE YOUR FUTURE 233 Write a comment 6 Nov 4, 2020 4 min ROB KALWAROWSKY - LEADERSHIP LAUNCHPAD 82 Write a comment 4 Oct 25, 2020 1 min SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY ALUMNI FEDERATION - 40 UNDER FORTY COHORT 276 Write a comment 5 Oct 23, 2020 1 min MAINTENANCE & RELIABILITY 101 27 Write a comment Sep 24, 2020 1 min 500+ Internships 165 Write a comment 2 Jun 22, 2020 1 min LEAD TO SUCCEED 6 Write a comment Upcoming Events Fri, Jan 22 Webinar The Future of Industrial Jobs & Manufacturing with Ryan Chan, CMRP Brought to you by The Maintenance Community Slack Group. Join here for more exclusive events: Share RSVP Sun, Jan 24 Webinar Join our Maintenance Professional Development Program! Sign up before 1/24/2021! Currently open to those who are enrolled in a university, community college, technical school, certificate program, etc. AND, those who are out of school, but are currently in an internship or apprenticeship, or have 0-1 year of working experience. Share RSVP Mon, Jan 25 Webinar Root Cause Analysis for Maintenance Leadership and Technicians with Ricky Smith, CMRP Brought to you by The Maintenance Community Slack Group. Join here for more exclusive events: Share RSVP Wed, Jan 27 Webinar Developing the Leadership Mindset with Tom Furnival Brought to you by The Maintenance Community Slack Group. Join here for more exclusive events: Share RSVP Thu, Jan 28 Webinar 4 Steps to Sustainable Maintenance Cost Reduction with Erik Hujpe Brought to you by The Maintenance Community Slack Group. Join here for more exclusive events: Share RSVP

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