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Contributing ​Shadrach Stephens


The owner of a community center needed support in closing the gap on a $6.5MM capital project that was approaching three years of construction.  In the first two years, the project had only progressed 30% and additional funding would be needed if the project continued to slip on its completion date.


Develop a Capital Project Methodology (CPM) to provide a standard method for scoping, design and construction of the new asset, which included not not limited to, detailed design reviews, weekly construction meetings and a change order work process.  The CPM enabled a better partnership with the general contractor an design architect which also addressed he schedule delays for 30+ independent subcontractors. 


Project managed by General Contractor, 2 years at 30% completion; Project managed by General Contractor with support of CPM 8 months at 100% completion. 

Impact:  $1+ million

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