Collaboration matters.

Collaboration matters because it brings people with different backgrounds, skills, expertise, and perspectives together to brainstorm ideas, overcome obstacles, and utilize creative problem solving for the betterment of society.

Creative Collaboration

Communication creates clarity. Our relationships are partnerships, with a common goal of (re)engineering success through well-planned and well-executed strategies.

Radical Collaboration

Intentional collaboration requires us to 

focus on mutual gains while also challenging the status quo.  We aspire to break down barrier so that we can live like there is no box.

Valuable Collaboration

We believe that there is power in working together and collaborating.  This belief opens up the door for delivering more value in industry and in our professional lives. 


Shadrach Stephens is an Award-Winning Engineering Leader, Community Advocate, Mentor and Founder of 

Shadrach has made an impact within his profession by creating value in every role that he has served in.  As a Reliability, Maintenance and Engineering Leader he develops and energizes teams that are committed to changing the current reality and are focused on delivering value.  Throughout his entire career, his improvement teams have generated over $90 million of value creation.


Shadrach is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and 2003 graduate of Southern University and A&M College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  He has been married to his wife Marie Smith-Stephens for 14 years and they both enjoy volunteering in the community and traveling with their son Mekhi and daughter Moriah.  


He began his professional journey in 2003 and has progressed from several engineering roles for several Fortune 100 companies to where he is now, Global Improvement Leader and Reliability Director for the Environmental Technology Center, Dow Inc.  Shadrach joined Dow Inc. in 2007 and has held positions ranging from Reliability Engineering to Maintenance & Reliability Leadership.  In 2009, he had an opportunity to partner with a faith-based organization to provide project leadership in the execution of a $6.5MM community center in Houston, TX. 


Throughout his career, Shadrach has established reliability and improvement programs that have made significant impact while also innovating new technologies and work processes to deliver bottom-line growth.  In his latest combined role of Global Improvement Leader and Reliability Director he supports the capital and reliability improvements for 15 sites and $6B of physical assets across the world.

Outside of his corporate engagements, Shadrach started the initiative, which is a community of professionals that collaborate, share and leverage value added solutions and innovations.  As the founder, he aspires to create a bridge between advanced and junior level professionals, one that enables them to leverage solutions, techniques, innovation, technology and overall leadership perspectives.

At its core,

is to radically change and improve a challenge or

opportunity so that more value can be realized.

Value Does Not Have Any Color is powered by professionals that possess an array of skills from all walks of life.  We are most proud of our diverse background, our vast expertise, and our reach across all industries. 

Can I join?

To be a, one must have the right balanace of creativity, evidence of challenging the status quo, be an out of the box thinker, believer of innovation, & support of continuous improvement. 

mEET just a few of our 


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