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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

In 1980, U.S. president Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8 National Women’s History Week, urging everyone in the United States to participate. According to Carter, "too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength, and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well."

The week-long event officially became a month-long one in 1987 when Congress passed a resolution designating March as Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month has been celebrated in the United States in March ever since.

Women's History Month provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the myriad contributions and achievements of women. Women continue to strengthen our world and enrich our lives with intellectual gifts, creative talents, and an indomitable spirit—in business, government, volunteer activities, religious life, education, health, the military, sports, the arts, and many other areas.

We are proud and grateful to celebrate the millions of heroines who have strengthened the world through their homes, families, and communities. Women like Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Sojourner Truth embraced the struggle for human freedom, dignity, and justice. They opposed slavery and inequality at critical moments in history. Their courageous leadership helped pave the way for future generations who would strive to challenge the status quo.

The opportunities for women are growing, and their efforts as mothers and volunteers, corporate executives and policy makers, police officers and administrators, construction workers and engineers, and teachers and scientists enrich all of us and make our world great.

During the month of March, we will be celebrating women of all backgrounds and industries. These courageous and pioneering innovators worked tirelessly to achieve new opportunities for all. Today, empowered by a great legacy, women serve in every aspect of life, and this month we choose to recognize women who are MAKING HISTORY.

Our featured guests were asked, "What does Women's History Month mean to you?" and you can read their responses and their bio's below by clicking on the respective photo:

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