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Bea Mendez-Gandica

Updated: May 30, 2022

About Bea Mendez-Gandica

Bea Mendez-Gandica works on a team that focuses on usage billing data at Microsoft. Usage billing tracks the number of resources that a third party uses in the Microsoft cloud. This helps determine a customer’s bill on monthly basis. As a result, Bea’s efforts allow Microsoft to charge customers based on their use of Azure resources with minimal impact to developers building the Azure offerings. She helps make the current technologies she works on more efficient and compliant.

Furthermore, it is important to Mendez-Gandica that all students have an opportunity to learn about technology and STEM. Consequently, she started the Nuevo Foundation to help students from underrepresented groups become STEM leaders. Interested educators should contact the Nuevo Foundation to schedule a STEM expert virtual speaker session for their classroom.

Mendez-Gandica grew up in Venezuela, studied in Germany, China, and India. She says: “Be proud of who you are and where you come from. Remember that is what makes you truly unique!”

What lessons have you learned in your STEM journey?

  • Be a learn it all versus a know it all!

  • Remain curious, there are so many things to learn throughout your career.

  • Give back and start doing so early on.

What has been a critical factor in your success?

My family, friends, and mentor support have been critical. But also believing in myself.

What advice do you have for students and young professionals in STEM?

Find your passion and try it; by trying things you can make sure if you like that specific thing or not. For me, it has been staying curious and trying new things. Currently, I am learning about Data as my background is in Security.

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