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Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) operates seven power plants throughout Oklahoma and for plants like Muskogee, the know-how and expertise with lubrication was lacking. While lubrication was not a strong focus at the Muskogee plant, it became a core strength with the integration of Noria's Lubrication Program Development.

Specific Opportunities:

  • Lack of lubrication standards

  • Failure to implement proper lubrication procedures

  • Lack of specialized lubrication maintenance training


Noria implemented their Lubrication Program Development system and helped OG&E transform the plant's lubrication procedures on all critical assets. Below are a few of the solutions that they executed:

  • Noria's engineering design for machine optimum reference state (ORS)

  • Lubricant storage room design and consolidation

  • Noria's on-site private training with upper management and front-line (technicians) operators

  • Customized, hands-on new equipment implementation training

  • Coaching from Noria experts on goal-setting, KPIs, tracking, monitoring and other analytics

  • Company culture change at plant


Achieved ROI sooner than expected and with best practices for lubrication in place, fewer unplanned outages are occurring at Muskogee. Noria has also helped OG&E be smarter about purchasing oil for lubrication. Previously, Muskogee used 23 different types of oil. That number was reduced to 16 after transitioning to best practices. As a result, OG&E has negotiating power with oil providers because fewer oil types are needed at the plant, and they know exact specifications to request. Here are more of their results:

  • Major cultural shit to better performing people and machines

  • Less downtime

  • More efficient production

  • Properly trained maintenance staff

  • Decrease in operational and repair cost

  • ​Significant increase in plant efficiency and profitability


In one example, technicians were able to analyze and stop a piece of equipment from breaking down that would have cost them $350,000. This one instance more than covered the program cost.

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