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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

“My journey in STEM and entrepreneurship, is really a journey of me learning and being comfortable with who I am and within my own skin.”

― Dr. Tracee Gilbert

About Dr. Tracee Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert is the owner of System Innovation, which has provided engineering services to various clients in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) and the Department of Navy Modeling and Simulation. Additionally, System Innovation is engineering next generation technologies (i.e., blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing).

Dr. Gilbert was the contractor chief architect to develop and lead the concept, strategy, and implementation of Digital Engineering across the Department of Defense, Military Services, Industry and Academia. Dr. Gilbert has a passion for helping people of color, women, and entrepreneurs succeed in STEM. She has created a STEM camp, sponsors senior capstone projects at George Mason University (GMU), holds STEM workshops, raised and given over $80,000 for scholarships and STEM activities, and provided support to over 30 small businesses that were affected by COVID.

Dr. Gilbert received her B.A. (Physics, Minor Japanese) from Lincoln University and her M.S. (Systems Engineering), and Ph.D. (Industrial and Systems Engineering) from Virginia Tech. She also studied abroad with the Institute for the International Students in Tokyo, Japan while working as a staff editor for Tokyo Classifieds. She chairs the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship Advisory Committee, is a member of the GMU Mechanical Engineering Board, a board member of Boys Town DC, and a member of Arlington County Equity and Excellence Committee.

She is a wife and mother to her three beautiful children (Gabby (15), Brianna (13) and William (9) - who also work for System Innovation).

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