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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The community has answered yet another charge! This time we have produced a #HACK for the community, by the community to help us all balance the responsibilities of managing work from home during the C-19 Quarantine.  A few days ago I asked the question, “What’s the hardest part about working from home during the quarantine” and we reached over 100 responses! We decided to continue the conversation by asking for solutions to address our concerns and you did not disappoint.

I want to shout out everyone for taking part in developing this hack and I hope that it helps to bring balance in your homes as we work through getting to the other side of the pandemic: 

Tonya Rose, Melvin Bihm, Tameeka Ayo, Allison Dillon Albert, Tanisha Carson, Natalie Hernandez Wisby, Alicia Washington, Minister Deborah Wedley, Josuha Teekel, AJ Mac, Takedra Blount, Kerry Mathews, Ryan Knight, Lawrence Bazille, Lekeisha LeBlanc, Ramonica Guillory, Tara Hookfin, Nikki Carter, Mia Clark, Anuli McFadden, Michael Thomas, Nichele Hunt, Enid Jesse, Meaghan Ellis, Alegra Edwards, Apryl Wilson, Alisha Madison, Shekira Holiday, Dukes Hazard, Alicia Washington, Melanie Thomas Mitchell, Gail Robins, Terrel Kent, Patty Fennell, Kim Rankins, Jamie Barnes, and Celeste Reynolds.

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