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What does it mean to be a Southernite?

To be a Southernite means to represent a legacy of rich history.

Paisley's Bio:

Paisley Martin, a native of Lafayette Louisiana, is a passionate, highly qualified education professional with years of experience in marketing, business development, and college and career counseling. She currently works for the non-profit; Education is Freedom in Dallas, Texas.

Paisley holds a B.S. of Marketing from the Southern University College of Business. Paisley currently works as a Higher Education Advisor where she services students in the Grand Prairie Independent School District. She excels at guiding students to make viable college goals based on their professional and academic aspirations. Her performance recognition includes creating a supportive environment for all students, which encourages meaningful interactions and engaged learning.

Upon moving to Dallas after graduation, Paisley became an active member of the Southern University Alumni Federation-Dallas Chapter. As an active member, she has put in countless hours volunteering as a recruiter, mentor, event planner, marketing/PR chair and many others. Paisley has served as the chapter’s Historian for two consecutive terms. She is the current Chair of SUYAN-Dallas. In her role as Chair, her initiative is to encourage the younger alumni to become active within their respective chapters.

In her spare time, she loves all things Southern, so if there is an event, football game or recruiting fair, you will find Paisley there. ​

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