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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Favorite Quote:

Everyone can encourage diversity and inclusion – not just in spirit, but also in action and as part of their everyday work. - Angela Sheffield

What advice do you have for Women in STEM?

To everyone, but especially to young women in science, I say: Be bold. You are brilliant and your ideas are clever. We need you to express them and make sure you are heard – your ideas will transform the world.

The data shows that our environments fail to be inclusive of women: they are discouraged from speaking up and there is a bias against listening to them. Women in STEM know from experience that the data does not lie.

There is a phrase we often say in the National Laboratory Complex: “I know I’m not the smartest in the room…” I said that too when I first began as a researcher at PNNL. I sat in rooms full of other people who I considered the smartest in there, and someone would drop an intense science question or an unanswered national security challenge into the middle of this room full of very smart people. And no one would budge. No one would jump on it. No one shared ideas on how to address it. After watching that happen for a while and waiting for the “smarter” people to jump on the problem and lead the rest of us to a solution, I started to do it myself. I still felt like an imposter, and I was still intimidated, but I had an idea and a strategy to get it done. And none of the people I was intimidated by were trying.