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Dr. Debbie Rothe

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Favorite Quote:

Don't follow the path. Blaze the trail. - Jordon Belfort

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

To me, Women's History Month is about celebrating the brave women who have come before me. Women who inspired with their courage and powerful spirits relentlessly pursuing what they believed in. Women who demanded to be included in the words, "We the people". Women who sought more for themselves and future generations. Women who won against the odds. It is my desire to continue carrying the torch and keep it burning bright and strong so that one day we may all experience the promise of liberty and justice for all.

About Debbie

Dr. Debbie Rothe is a disruptive change champion who is passionate about inspiring possibility and igniting achievement so that together we can light up the universe. As a global technology leader at Dow Inc., Debbie loves building empowered work teams that deliver results. Debbie believes that autonomy, mastery and purpose are key elements required to unleash creative thinking that drive innovation. As a result of her leadership, Debbie’s teams experience higher resiliency to stress, support to use their judgment in decision-making and high employee satisfaction.

Debbie creates an environment with high employee engagement by championing inclusion, collaboration, and valuing the diverse perspectives on her team. Debbie grows relationships through daily interactions, and creative team activities to build a positive culture of high trust and transparency. Fostering innovation and driving Industry 4.0 platforms, Debbie’s team has global impact, protecting people and the planet through advanced science and technology.

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